Getting caught in a sticky legal situation is never an ideal experience. 007 Bail Bonds can help mitigate the stress that jail represents by posting bonds quickly and accurately, with quick action. No matter the incident, we believe that everyone is human and everyone deserves another chance. Whether misdemeanor or felony, there is no bond too small or too large that 007 Bail Bonds can’t handle. However, there are many jail bond services – how do you get the best value of a bail bond company?


First of all, make sure that you’re working with an experienced, expert bondsman. Before you go into an agreement with the bondsman, be sure to consider a few things: Is the bondsman licensed? If so, ask to see their license. Also, a rating from the BBB (Better Business Bureau) is vital to establishing and maintaining a bondsman’s credibility. If they have a rating, ask to see it. Feel free to ask them if they know and can explain the entire bail process – if so, what does it cost?


Aside from their experience, you may find bondsman advertising their services at a mere 5% of the bail. In other words, they will want 5 percent of the total bail posted paid up front. Though many bondsmen run legitimate, honest practices, 10 percent of the bail is generally what you’ll find. In most states, the State Department of Insurance determines the cost of bail. For most states, including California, this amount is 10% of the total bail amount. Though in some cases you’ll find 8 percent of the total bail, this is extremely rare and you’ll find 10 percent of the bail is the industry standard. To determine what this percentage will look like, pay close attention to the fine print of any legal documents that you come across. The reality is that bondsmen have very little influence over the prices of bonds.

While the total cost of a bail bond is technically non-negotiable, there are ways to make it more affordable. One of these ways is to make bail bond payments via credit card, instead of paying the entire bail bond outright. Other bondsmen will offer a payment plan to offset the initial financial blow. Note that there should not be any additional payments or fees if you decide to go with a payment plan. Don’t be fooled!

Follow the Rules

It’s important to get your loved ones back on the right track after they are released from jail once their bail is paid, either in full or via payments. In order to ensure this, make sure that they show up for all of their court appearances, and follow all of the rules set for them by the court and their bondsman. Following the rules and getting your loved ones on the right path is essential – you don’t want to be paying a bail bond again, or not have the chance to bail them out. It’s also very important to remember that once you sign for a bond, you will be legally held responsible for the defendant. Don’t forget this! Having considered price, expertise and credibility, use these factors to decide who the best bail bondsman is for you.

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